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Real Mastery - Thoughts by Dr. Kiran

yogayukto viśuddhātmā Gita 5.7

yogayukto viśuddhātmā

vijitātmā jitendriyaḥ


kurvann api na lipyate 5.7

िविजतामा िजतेिद्रयः vijitātmā jitendriyaḥ having mastered the body and sense organs िवशद्धामा viśuddhātmā the pure minded योगयक्तः yōgayuktaḥ Karma yōgi सवर्भतामभतामा sarvabhūtātmabhūtātmā (becomes) the Atma which is the self of all things अिप कवर्न api kurvan though acting न िलयत na lipyate he is not affected.

7. Having mastered the body and sense organs, the pure-minded karma yogi (becomes) the Atma which is the self of all beings. Such a person Though acting, he is not affected.

Two features characterize Krishna as a great teacher. First, He avoids giving conclusions, prompts the student to examine life and teachings, and ask questions to go into the depth of the subject and mature. Second, he tells what the student requires rather than what he likes to hear.

Here Krishna is countering arjuna’s inclination to give up karma. He tells the sādanās which everyone has to practice irrespective of the lifestyle whether he is householder or Sanyasi. Two things are vital in spiritual pursuit- detachment from the physical body and purity of mind. Actually, it boils down to one.

First stage is Yōgayukthaḥ karma yōga first

Balance life between material and spiritual pursuits. Understand that spirituality is better in the long run and starts dedicating more time and energy towards this. vijitātmā, here atma means the body.

Three conditions which make a karma yōgi, giving priority to spiritual growth; dedicating the very life as an offering to the Lord and accepting every experience as prasādam from the Lord.

viśuddhātmā means especially pure-minded. The purity of mind is freedom from all the unhealthy ways of thinking. Whether one has taken sanyasa or grihastha one has to attain control of senses and mind otherwise it is of no use. A Panda in kashi Vishwanantha temple with an eye on money is worse than a bandit as people trusts Panda to be well mannered. On the other hand, a flower seller outside with no knowledge of mantra, etc doing his job well is better qualified.

Important thing is- if we are not aware that we are other than this body, all attempts to master it fails. Fasting, breathing, etc will only be temporary if we do not develop detachment from this physical body. jitendriya needs a pure mind that is why vishuddha. One indicator of a pure mind is that he will focus on what is important and discards what is not important, he depends less and less on external factors; vairagyam

Such a person is eligible for jñāna kānda or pursuit of Knowledge, and that stage is indicated by single word sarvabhūtātmabhūtātmā bhavathi; jñāna yōgi is one who knows that I am the ātma the supporter of this body and all the bodies; sarvabhuta ātma;

Krishna here says such a person- mukta purusha kurvannapi na lipyatē; he is not tainted by any action; he does not identify with any action; even when the body is active; as he is not attached to the body. Here I will make a contemplative statement-: ”As long as one is desiring for fruits he is in the realm of action- Kartha - Bogtha” this occurs because of two things- two abhimānam; one is the identification with the body and the other is identification with the properties of the body, and the whole vēdānta is tackling this abhimāna.

Midas of greek legend, had a boon that everything he touches becomes gold, He suffered due to this boon. While dying prayed- “Oh, God! give me ten fingers with which I touch anything, it stays the same”. That is what enlightened action will be like perfect, the way God wants it to be.

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Ekta Sareen
Ekta Sareen

Hari OM. Wanted to express our thanks for such beautiful sessions on Bhagvad Gita


Miyar Nayak
Miyar Nayak

Great enlightening effort indeed. Thank you.


Dear Sadhakas

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Miyar Nayak
Miyar Nayak

Excellent interpretation. Thank you.

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